Bronze Deer, American, Circa 1930’s

Large unsigned deer cast bronze stands prominently on a black veined marble base, seemingly surveying the landscape. With a twelve point rack between two large antlers, this deer bronze is quite well made with attention to detail on his fur coat and facial characteristics (see images); while the surface above the marble base is cast to simulate the natural rock and ground terrain. It is unsigned or marked albeit it maintains all of the artistic qualities of a fine bronze and is most definitely American and circa 1930’s having been acquired by from a Palo Alto estate known to me in 1960’s. It is a natural bronze color; fitting for the natural rendition of a deer, and is in excellent and all original condition with no restoration.
Fabulous decorator item for a country setting; very attractive reasonably priced.
Dimensions: 13″ long x 11″ wide x 23″ high

American Circa 1930's c.H: 23"W: 13"D: 11"