Bicentennial Cast Iron Still Bank. American, Circa 1976


American, 1976 c.

3 1/4"
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Shaped like a pyramid this cast iron penny bank was made to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of America; thus inscribed at the top (see image) 1776-1976. It is painted in white (all original) and in excellent condition, with the four original, specially selected, metal flags applied and a description of each below in a recessed applied enamel “tag”. The descriptions are very legible and readable (see images) for historic reference. Underneath and on the base plate, is embossed “Still Bank Collectors Club of America and “Limited Edition of 200″; so this bank is quite rare and sought after by both bank collectors and historical memorabilia aficionados.
A few scuffs here and there but by and large, it is an authentic, example in excellent all original condition. and one of the 200 originals that were manufactured in 1976.

Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ (Base plate) x 3 1/2” high