Art Deco Lady’s Traveling Necessaire Ensemble American, Circa 1925


American, Circa 1925 c.

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Art Deco lady’s traveling necessaire ensemble consisting of 13 implements for grooming, contained in a hard cardboard green branch decorated traveling case. The grooming implements are made of green resin composite and decorated on one side with a faux jeweled design in green, gold and blue. To the opposite side is an amber colored bakelite. The Art Deco style and the bakelite application indicate American manufacture, and a circa 1925 date; the Bakelite Corporation having been formed in 1922. Bakelite was introduced and patented in 1909 by Leo Baekeland from Yonkers, New York.

All of the above are in excellent all original condition with only minor wear (see images).
A 3″ inch square section of the gold satin interior is torn in the middle under and near the tray (see individual image). The rest of the satin is fine. The ensemble shows very nicely and can be displayed in the case, or spread out on a wash stand, or even on a bathroom counter top. Two metal clasps are original and keep the case in a closed position.

The implements consist of the following:

hair brush (9 5/8″ long)
large comb (8″ long)
hair “tidy” box (lid with the circular hole on top for loose hairs) (5 1/4″ wide)
jewelry box with lid (similar in size to above) 5 1/4″ wide)
(2) “what not” boxes with lids (for buttons, etc) 2 1/4″ wide
small pair of scissors (5″ long)
large nail file ( 7 1/2″ long)
medium sized tray (10 3/4″ long)
nail buffer with case (6 1/4″ long)
shoehorn (7 3/8″ long)
button hook (7 1/4″ long)
cuticle groomer (5 1/2″ long)

The case measures: 28″ long x 13″ deep x 3″ high.