American Tin Toy. Clockwork Carousel. Circa 1895

American clockwork Carousel Toy made of tin; hand painted in bright colors of reds, green, yellow, and blue. Wind-up mechanism is in perfect working condition and carousel goes round and round for quite some time. The hand painted canopy top supports the three hand painted figures who are seated in their respective gondolas. The open circular base houses the clockwork mechanism, with the attached wind up key exposed at the base.

This late 19th century charming toy is in excellent and all original condition with no restoration of any kind, and the paint is completely original with no touch up and no repaint (note the crazing throughout).
Worthy of notice is the “Pat. Pending” at the base along with the “Made in America” marking at the base on the opposite side (see images).

There are various variations of carousel toys made during this period; I have not seen this particular toy before, so I consider it somewhat rare. The action, colors, scale, and attention to detail, render it very desirable, and would be a welcome addition to a quality collection of fine toys.

Dimensions: 10 1/4″ high x 6 1/4″ diameter (overall).

Note: Short one minute video showing operation of the toy is available as an
attachment via email upon request.

American 1895 c.H: 10 1/4"W: 6 1/4"D: 6 1/4"