American Children’s Sampler by “Nancy Brown” Circa 1828

A very delightful and well done early American Children’s Sampler, wrought by Nancy Brown in the year 1828. She has incorporated a proverb into her highly decorated sampler utilizing both needlepoint technique and embroidering skills, on a linen background in a wooden glass fronted walnut frame; possibly original. I have preserved and maintained the integrity of it’s age by leaving the original paper on the back to support authenticity of the sampler. There is a stain that appears through the stitched writing that I have left intact rather than try to remove (see images). I am a stickler for all original, and will leave it to the next owner to decide as to how he or she wants to handle staining. The subject matter contains a plethora of objects; a red brick building, obviously where Nancy attended school; peacocks and birds in flight; palm trees; four urns with floral arrangements; a rooster, a silo in the background, and a very highly elaborate floral border all around in colors of green, beige, and cream colors. Images on a sampler were typically of one’s local environment and from early readings.

The dialogue is from a religious hymn written by Philip Doddridge in 1755;

“Beset with snares on every hand in Life’s uncertain path I stand, Father Divine diffuse Thy light to guide my doubtful footsteps right”

“Nancy Brown her work in the year 1828”. The stain runs through the dialogue but it is completely legible. There are no tears or rips, and the sampler is in completely all original condition with no repairs, and no fading—very charming and appealing with lots of age (just about two hundred years old) and a multiplicity of subject matter in a variety of colors.

Probably from New England based on the Pennsylvania address indicated where framing was done (see image of the back)

Dimensions: actual sampler is 16″ high x 18 1/2″ wide; with a 3/4″ wooden walnut frame

American Circa 1828 c.H: 16""W: 18 1/2""D: 1"