19th Century Boar’s Tusk Serving Fork. with Sterling Silver Shoulder

Very unique and highly unusual “Boar’s Tusk Handled Fork with Sterling Silver Shoulder Mount”; substantial in stature measuring 11″ long x 4″ wide x 3/4″ deep”, this carving fork utilizes a boar’s tusk for a handle; a sterling silver mount (see the marking in images), with two attached, soldered, 5″ steel prongs. It is of the finest quality and manufactured for the upper class; note the sterling silver curved beaded perimeter border to the mount, and the outstanding shape and color, and the beautifully patinated surface to the boar’s tusk. There is another mark on the side, etched, with the characters “HI” (see image); probably the maker’s logo from a local cottage industry. Likely of American genesis and circa 1880’s, this fancy carving fork would have been used for the proverbial holiday turkey or meat carver. It is in completely original, excellent and very usable, condition; there is no restoration; and it is clearly marked “sterling” with the number “15” pressed into the surface (see image).
I have only seen one other similar to this, making this fork highly sought after by collectors of unusual items, and 19th century Americana.


American Circa 1880 c.H: 11""W: 4""D: 3/4""