19th Century Boar’s Tusk Handle Walking Stick. American


American, Circa 1880 c.

34 1/4""
6 1/4""
1 1/4""
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Nicely shaped boar’s tusk handle provides for a nice grip on this 19th century American cane with hardwood (probably hickory) tapered stem. A silver plated 1/2″ band decorated with six raised embossed sunflowers separates the handle from the stem.The fat end of the boar’s tusk grip is decorated with a heavy brass embossed family coat of arms consisting of a crown at the top above a rope and anchor (see image). Excellent all original condition and solid and sturdy as a cane should be for an authentic 19th century walking stick.

Dimensions: 34 1/4″ high x 6 1/4″ wide (grip) x 1 1/4″ deep (grip)