19th C. Rooster Weathervane. American


American, Circa 1890 c.

27 3/4"
2 1/2"
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Late 19th C. classic form molded rooster copper weathervane with sheet brass tail and zinc legs, which are supported by the original
13 1/2″ copper bar. Weatherane is similar in form and size to that which is advertised in the 1893 J.W. Fiske catalogue pg. 16 #334; so probably of J.W. Fiske manufacture in New York City.
The full bodied American weathervane is quite substantial, measuring 33 1/2″ high (which includes the stand) while resting on a contemporary custom made heavy metal oval black stand. Many bullet holes penetrate only one side versus only one bullet hole to the other side indicating that the weathervane was probably “stuck” in the same position for a substantial amount of time (see images). A single bullet hole penetrated the tail.
There is a fine weathered original surface, nicely patinated, with verdigris and traces of gilt. A nice tight seam joins both halves of the rooster together, while the soldered tail is fashioned from a single brass sheet and worked to a feathered pattern; it has a slight crease to one of the feathers (see images). There are several very old solder repairs here and there to stabilize the vane.

With a high tail feather and a realistic shape, a true to life form of a rooster is portayed by this weathervane.

(Quality heavy custom stand is included).